Posting Anywhere Anytime

Posting Anywhere Anytime

May 20, 2019

A brief description of how I write posts on this site.

From iOS devices

Since this site is powered by markdown, I downloaded an app that allows me to ssh into my server and edit markdown. I’m currently using GTW but any other similar app will work just fine.

I then use one of my favourite iOS features, Shortcuts, to rebuild the site with Hugo. Shortcuts allows me to Run Script Over SSH so all I need is just two lines of code and the new post is up in milliseconds!

From Desktop/Latop

VS Code is always my favouriate. There’re basically two extensions that make it a smooth experience.

I use SSH FS to connect to my server and edit markdown files directly, and use Markdown Preview Enhanced for a live preview of the post.

Publishing is as simple as using ssh to login the server and do hugo.

VS Code for Posint

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