Static Site

Display PageViews and List of Popular Posts on a Static Site

Sep 6, 2019
Hugo, Static Site, Pageview

A static site, like this one based on Hugo, cannot easily display site statistics. But there’s a solution. When the page is loaded on the client side, a Javascript pulls the relevant statistics from my server then render it to the page. The server runs a small Python program to contact Google Analytics API in order to get the statistics and return to the frontend. We can even use it to build a list of popular posts. ...

My Server Setup

Sep 2, 2019
Hugo, Static Site

Site Setup This site is powered by Hugo, served by Apache. I moved away from WordPress because it’s too heavy for a personal site. It’s also slow and I could not find a theme that suits the purpose of the site. So, eventually I’m with Hugo and using markdown for everything. The setup is very simple: Download Hugo from GitHub. Note that we need the extended version. $ wget https://github. ...