Working Remotely on a Windows Machine from VSCode on a Mac

Jan 28, 2020

Now I only need a MacBook (1.3 GHz dual-core i5) to do all my work anywhere, thanks to a powerful workstation provided by the university. Yet the workstation is based on Windows 10 and sitting behind the university VPN. I don’t want to use Remote Desktop everytime I need to do some coding, so I decided to make it so I can code remotely on the workstation but from the lovely VSCode on my little Mac. ...

Access WordPress Database via SSH Tunnel on Mac

Jan 7, 2019
SSH, WordPress

To access the MySQL database behind a WordPress site that is hosted on the cloud from a remote Mac, it’s relatively simple: establish a SSH tunnel and then use any browser to visit the phpMyAdmin. First, establish the SSH tunnel to the host machine: ssh -N -L SOURCE-PORT: -i KEYFILE USERNAME@SERVER-IP Because by default phpMyAdmin is running on port 8888, the above commband becomes: ssh -N -L 8888: -i KEYFILE USERNAME@SERVER-IP Second, open browser and visit 127. ...