Never Use a Brain Wallet

May 22, 2019
Python, Bitcoin

Among many reasons why people find it hard to use cryptocurrency there’s a simple one – memorising the private key is too hard. So, people invented brain wallet, which turns a string of words into a private key and thus wallet. It’s genius in that now a user needs only to memorise whatever he or she used to create the wallet. You can turn your name, phone number, DoB, favourite quote, lover’s home address, …, literally anything into a cryptocurrency wallet. ...

Bloomberg BQuant (BQNT)

Apr 6, 2018
Bloomberg, Python

Bloomberg is developing a new function in the Terminal, called BQuant, BQNT, under the Bloomberg Anywhere license. I happen to be able to test it thanks to a fund manager and find it could be a future way of using Bloomberg Terminal. Background Bloomberg recently made JupyterLab available inside the Terminal and invited partners to test it out. This function is named BQuant, or BQNT<GO>, which is still under heavy development, but the idea is just great. ...